Amy Willstatter

Bridge to Hollywood and Broadway is an independent entertainment consultancy and registered LLC with a successful track record for identifying and delivering groundbreaking-marketing partnerships between advertising sponsors and entertainment seen on stage, screen and film.

Our clients include Fortune 500 Advertisers pursuing entertainment alignments as well as Producers of extraordinary top-tiered entertainment who seek advertising partners for sponsorship, product placement, branded entertainment initiatives, co-branded promotions and media campaigns.

Bridge to Hollywood and Broadway are experts in creating win/win entertainment partnerships that extend brand equity and build business.

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We match brands with entertainment properties and we do this by looking beyond what has been done to consider what could be done!  We do this more efficiently and cost effectively than any of our competitors.

If you’re a savvy Advertiser or Producer curious about how the evolving media and creative landscapes can provide your brand or production with partnership opportunities to build your business, then make Bridge to Hollywood and Broadway your next stop.

Distinguishing achievements:

  • Reached a first-of-its-kind deal to feature an advertising icon in the action of a major motion picture, tent-pole release.
  • Brought the excitement and viable opportunities of Broadway onto the advertising communities radar
  • Entered China in the mid-1990s on behalf of Procter & Gamble to launch a business that invests advertising dollars in programs – including China’s first locally produced sitcom – in order to improve program quality, increase viewers/ratings and CPM efficiencies.

Bridge to Hollywood and Broadway is lead by President and Principle Partner, Amy Willstatter.  A pioneer on the forefront of new media alignments, Amy’s background in entertainment and knowledge of advertising media values, objectives and goals distinguish her from other sponsorship, branded entertainment, promotion and product placement representatives.  Amy provides an insider's point of view into identifying and facilitating relevant entertainment partnerships.

We speak your language – whether you’re a Producer or Advertiser.  Our strategy is to shorten the negotiation process by simplifying the communication process.

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